Our Story

Edifice Jody

“I never met a bride I didn’t like, I never met a groom I didn’t envy”, says Jody Bodnar of Cranberry Creek Gardens.


For the past 15 years Cranberry Creek Gardens …one of Norfolk County’s best kept secrets… has been hosting romantically inspiring and picturesque weddings deep within the county’s interior. Surrounded by beautiful and meticulously groomed grounds and gardens, the historic 19th century church, built in 1881, serves as a picture-perfect back-drop for that out-of-door dream wedding. Of course, the spacious and charming 150-seat rustic chapel is also available for the indoor crowd and in case of inclement weather.

Cranberry Creek Gardens is available for weddings, garden parties and special events throughout the fair-weather season, 7 days a week. As a trained, educated and practised horticulturist, Jody Bodnar has created an outdoor paradise that is breath-taking at every turn given the variety of plant material, presentation and personal touches.

Given the overall beauty of the property, and obviously a labour of love, Jody was once teasingly asked what it was like to live in ‘Heaven’. Mr. Bodnar replied, “well, if you want to live in Heaven, you have to work like Hell!” And with that, welcome. Welcome to what has become Ontario’s most sought-after wedding venue for charm and country elegance.


And as for everything else he quips – Just Say “I Do”!